The Kinlin Company


Needs Assessment

We listen to all key voices to identify the scope of responsibility, strategic objectives, required experience and desirable attributes for the position. Our on-site analysis helps us understand organizational relationships and corporate culture.

Position Specification

We define the responsibilities of and qualifications for the position which, upon your approval, guides our search efforts.

Research and Candidate Development

Extensive custom research is conducted for each client. Research is the core of our business. We utilize our own proprietary database as well as a worldwide network of resources and contacts to identify top talent. Likely prospects are screened to evaluate experience, personal characteristics, management style and potential cultural fit.

Candidate Interview and Evaluation

We utilize videoconferencing to interview the majority of candidates. In cases where it is not economical or possible, candidates will be interviewed in person.

Presentation of Candidates

We provide a written, confidential report on each prospective candidate.

Candidate/Client Interviews

We coordinate face-to-face meetings, feedback and follow-up activities.


We gather reference information which will include conversations with superiors, subordinates and peers.