Euro and Dollar Expected to Reach Parity by 2017

Euro and DollarAfter reaching a 2-year high of $1.40 in May of 2014, the euro has begun a steady march downwards as dismal economic conditions continue to plague the Eurozone countries. Meanwhile, the dollar is poised to rise as the economy here strengthens and the Fed is expected to begin raising interest rates later this year. Given these conditions, analysts at Deutsche Bank and Goldman expect the dollar and the euro to reach parity by 2017. Continue reading

The US Economy: Caution or Full Speed Ahead? by jannoon028 by jannoon028

Economic recovery from 2008’s Great Recession has been slow and tepid. The economy has not bounced back as it has after previous recessions. GDP growth has been at an anemic 2-3%, compared to the 4-5% GDP often seen during a recovery. It sank during the first quarter of 2014, likely due to the terrible winter the country experienced. Some believe the economy is too dependent on cheap money, that the housing market is too weak, and that wage, income, and job growth has been too low. Continue reading