Decision Making in a World Full of Noise

Today, more than ever, executives have the tools at their fingertips to make informed decisions based on rational data. Further, leaders are more aware of cognitive biases that interfere with good decisions. Yet, the very data that gives us knowledge threatens to overwhelm and business organizations have become more complex and hierarchical—a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. Continue reading

Women on Boards: Quotas Don’t Work

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New research indicates that putting gender-based quotas in place do not result in more female representation on corporate boards. A study by BNY Mellon, and presented at Mellon’s London conference, Womenomics, indicates a far more nuanced methodology to getting – and keeping – women on boards. Continue reading

Social Media and the C-Suite

Social CEOSocial media has permeated business culture and is now considered an integral part of marketing. However, 60% of executives use social media less than one hour per week, and the network they are likely to use is LinkedIn. An even more disheartening survey by IBM found that only 16% of CEOs use social media. Why aren’t members of the C-suite using social media? And, perhaps more importantly, should they? For most executives, it boils down to a very simple question: how is this going to impact the business’s bottom line? A fair question and if you view social media as just that, social, you’re not going to be readily convinced of its upside. In addition, some executives are concerned about legal implications and their comments not being “vetted” by a team of publicists or lawyers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and how an executive can wade into social media. Continue reading