Women at Work – How Can Men Help?

Women at Work - How Can Men Help?

Sallie Krawcheck is a constant source of inspiration for me, and the October 25th issue of Ellevest's newsletter illustrates why.
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Women CEOs: Good for Returns

Add this to the ever-growing pile of research that female executives are good for business: a study found that companies with women executives outperformed the benchmark index. Further, these companies had 25% annualized returns over time, compared with 11% for the World MSCI Index. Continue reading

Building the Talent Pipeline

A recent article outlines ideas for keeping more women in the talent pipeline in order to have more women in the C-suite. Sally Blount, Dean of the Kellogg School of Management, offers substantive suggestions for women through various stages in their careers: launching, mid-career, and the transition to executive level.

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The Parental Leave Controversy

During President Trump’s campaign, his daughter Ivanka Trump proposed a paid parental leave program funded by the government. While her proposal is in no way comparable to the paid leave programs of other developed countries, it was at the very least a starting point. And since many have speculated that Ivanka has her father’s ear and good opinion, the reality of such a program became plausible. Continue reading