ESG: No Longer “Green Window Dressing”

Corporations have often taken the position that when it comes to sustainability or other socially responsible issues, the costs outweigh the benefits for the bottom line. In his book Capitalism and Freedom, published in 1962, economist Milton Friedman wrote: Continue reading

6 Things Every Mentor Should Do

6 Things Every Mentor Should Do

In light of all the recent discussion of mentors and sponsors, I found Harvard Business Review's recent article, "Six Things Every Mentor Should Do," enlightening.

According to Vineet Chopra, MD and Sanjay Saint, MD - there are six things every mentor should consider:
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Effective Leaders: Visionaries or Managers?

It has been said that “leading” and “managing,” though used interchangeably, have different meanings. The idea goes that the leader is a visionary, with big picture ideas, and the manager is the one who carries them out. It’s a nice concept in a world where we are consistently trying to exceed the status quo. Perhaps the two are not mutually exclusive. The late Peter Drucker, the management expert behind many books and articles, and a well-respected thought leader, said that effective executives combine qualities from both leaders and managers. Continue reading

Is There a Pink Elephant in the Room?

A Pink Elephant in the Room - APPROVED IMAGESome believe that having made their way to top positions, senior women-executives might hire and encourage more women. But much of the time, it doesn’t play out that way.

Research conducted by Michelle Duguid, PhD., is showing that often, women in top roles actually are not helping their qualified peers. Michelle is the assistant professor of Organizational Behavior at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. In her study titled, Female Tokens in high-prestige work groups: Catalysts or inhibitors of group diversification,1 Michelle uncovered three factors as to why women may not lend a hand to each other: Continue reading

Invest in Girls – Helping to Bring Them Up

Dress up like my mother - happy little girl playing with large clothesRecently, our WE blog has been looking closely at the changes organizations are making to bring more women into positions of advanced responsibility—whether it’s instilling quotas for more diverse boards or addressing workplace practices that impact men and women differently.

In Second-Generation Gender Bias – Parts I and II, we looked at what colleges like Harvard Business School and Simmons are doing to address biases on campuses, and discussed what individuals and corporations could do to address workplace biases. In From Athletics to Leadership, we observed how sports have helped to prepare women for leadership—even if incidentally.

These measures are all important. However, to complete the transformation toward gender equality, I believe we must begin even earlier—with girls.

Let me explain. Continue reading