News from the Pay Equity Front

Some recent headlines showed progress on pay equity in the workplace. In September, the Census Bureau found the wage gap between men and women narrowed significantly, with women earning approximately 81 cents for every dollar a man earns. That number increased almost a full percentage point since 2015. However, while women are earning more, the increase is also attributed to stagnant wage growth among men. Continue reading

Building the Talent Pipeline

A recent article outlines ideas for keeping more women in the talent pipeline in order to have more women in the C-suite. Sally Blount, Dean of the Kellogg School of Management, offers substantive suggestions for women through various stages in their careers: launching, mid-career, and the transition to executive level.

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The Parental Leave Controversy

During President Trump’s campaign, his daughter Ivanka Trump proposed a paid parental leave program funded by the government. While her proposal is in no way comparable to the paid leave programs of other developed countries, it was at the very least a starting point. And since many have speculated that Ivanka has her father’s ear and good opinion, the reality of such a program became plausible. Continue reading

The Gender Gap in Politics

The gender gap in both pay and representation is a pervasive problem in business today and I suppose it is not surprising that it extends into the political realm as well. While the existence of the gap may not surprise you, some of the reasons might. Continue reading