WE Interviews: Rohanna Wise

Rohanna Wise
Founder & CEO
Wise Trading Technologies

Rohanna Wise is the founder and CEO of Wise Trading Technologies, a start-up in the fintech sector. The company’s flagship product, WiseRisk, is a currency exposure management system that automates and optimizes currency risk management for asset managers, an area in which Rohanna has great depth of experience.

A seasoned expert, Rohanna has been involved with FI and FX trading and trading technology for over two decades, spending eight years with MFS Investment Management and another two with Wellington Management before launching Wise Trading Technologies in 2015. Continue reading

Are Best Practices Harmful?

“That’s the way we’ve always done it.” This statement, one you have likely heard more than once in your career, should be a warning. Best practices may not be the tried and true processes we’ve relied on but rather outdated ideas that should be re-examined. Continue reading

WE Interviews: Katherine Collins

Katherine Collins
Head of Sustainable Investing
Putnam Investments

As Head of Sustainable Investing at Putnam Investments, Katherine Collins sits on the front lines of a growing trend in the investment field. Reporting to Aaron Cooper, Putnam’s CIO of Equities, Katherine works most closely with Stephanie Henderson, a fundamental analyst, and Alex Rickson, a quantitative analyst, but is quick to note that her group is integral to Putnam’s full investment team. “Our team is part of the organization as a whole, not a specialized unit off to the side. That’s something that’s still fairly unusual for people engaged in sustainable investing, and it’s the number one reason I chose to join Putnam.”

Katherine and her team have three charges: to raise Putnam’s fluency when it comes to sustainability and ESG-oriented issues; to think about dedicated products and strategies in this arena and what Putnam specifically could bring to the table; and to contribute to the broader development of the field of sustainable investing over time.
I recently sat down with Katherine to discuss the opportunities she sees in sustainable investing, the concept of biomimicry and its role in investing, and her reasons for choosing to pursue ESG with Putnam. Continue reading