WE Interviews: Jennifer Openshaw

Jennifer Openshaw
Founder & CEO
Girls with Impact

Jennifer Openshaw is something of a modern-day Renaissance woman. A nationally known consumer financial innovator, author, and commentator, she has been at the forefront of change, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Main Street. She currently works with EY’s digital financial wellness platform and is also building Girls with Impact, a unique entrepreneurship program created just for girls to help corporate leaders engage in diversity and develop the next generation of female talent. This comes following her role as Partner and Global Marketing Leader at Mercer, where she helped lead the ‘When Women Thrive’ research platform.

I recently had the chance to sit down and speak with Jennifer about the roots of her interest in financial services, the drivers of her success and her take on current and future trends. Continue reading

Can Ethics Guide Artificial Intelligence?

As CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty is no stranger to both the complexities of the modern business environment and gender diversity. Artificial intelligence, or cognitive computing, as IBM prefers to call it, is not a threat to jobs. In fact, Rometty believes the purpose of AI is to augment the human brain and simplify the job of sorting through the information overload so prevalent today. IBM’s AI program, Watson, famously beat a human on the game show Jeopardy and saved a woman dying of cancer. So how can we leverage AI in a way that benefits all? Rometty says the key is using ethical practices and standards in the development of AI: Continue reading

Addressing Cybersecurity in the Business World

Recent events such as the Equifax hack and the breach of the Edgar system, the SEC’s public company files, are not isolated events; this is a new reality. The volume of data stored electronically “in the cloud” and the rapid pace of technological change puts everyone at risk. As quickly as we can develop firewalls and protections, hackers can create viruses and ways around them. Continue reading

C-Suite Insights: Jeffrey S. Coons

Jeffrey S. Coons, PhD, CFA
Manning & Napier

Jeffrey S. Coons is the president of Rochester, NY-based Manning & Napier, an investment management firm with $27 billion in AUM. The firm manages multi-asset class and single-asset class portfolios via a staff of over 400 employees, a commitment of resources that speaks to the importance of client service in its model. The firm also has its own captive trust company, mutual fund complex and significant depth of expertise within its team of over 65 investment professionals.

As president, Coons is responsible for the firm’s IT and administrative operations, together with its client analytics team, a group that provides additional information and services to help clients understand their situation, establish their objectives, and meet their overall needs. He also oversees the firm’s trust company, and supports its product development, research and sales efforts.

I recently sat down with Coons to get his read on current and future industry trends, including technology’s impact on the field of asset management, and his thoughts on regulation and the ongoing struggle for gender equity in the sector. Continue reading

Do Pep Talks Really Motivate Employees?

We’ve all seen the films: before a crucial game for an underdog team, a battle where the army is outnumbered, the coach or general exhorts the players or soldiers to give their all to win. It’s not just a plea for victory: the speech places those individuals in the middle of the action, connecting them to the cause and helping them to understand why success is essential. In other words, it’s a pep talk. Continue reading