WE Interviews – Janet Foutty

janet-foutty-headshot-low-resJanet Foutty
CEO and Chairman
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Janet Foutty is CEO and Chairman of Deloitte Consulting LLP and is based in Chicago, Illinois. She is the only female CEO to lead a consulting practice of this size, scope and scale, with oversight of some 35,000 employees in the U.S., India, Mexico and Germany.

I recently sat down to speak with Foutty about her journey to the CEO’s office, Continue reading

The Underlying Current Holding Women Back


I’ve talked about unconscious bias in many blog posts over the years, and it is an oft-cited reason for gender discrimination in the workplace. How does unconscious bias prevent women from shattering the glass ceiling? We can establish gender equality programs, but unless we address the unconscious biases everyone holds, our efforts will stagnate. Unconscious bias, then, has become the catch-22 of gender relations. Continue reading

WE Interviews – Mary Thompson

mary-thompsonMary Thompson

During her tenure as a general assignment reporter for CNBC, Mary Thompson viewed herself as a “utility infielder,” responsible for covering a variety of different industries and issues. Thompson joined the network in 2000 after nine years with Bloomberg radio and television. Her main focus at CNBC was financial firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, together with insurers. Additionally, Thompson did stories on executive compensation and corporate governance and backed up colleagues Bob Pisani at the New York Stock Exchange and Steve Liesman on topics concerning the Federal Reserve, economics and bank regulation.

Thompson also hosted ‘Where the Jobs Are,’ a series focused on corporations seeking skilled workers at a time when the unemployment rate was high. When the rate dropped, Thompson shifted the series’ focus to a consideration of the skills needed to secure a high paying job in the future. Continue reading

Harnessing Innovation with Non-Conformity

“Innovation is important—it solves problems today in a way that positions us to address the unforeseen problems of tomorrow.” The Rockefeller Foundation

originals-kinlin-blogInnovation, and the creativity that fuels it, drive the success of an organization in areas such as talent retention and increased revenues. As leaders, how do we foster an environment that fosters innovation? Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of Business, has written a book that purports to answer that question, among others. Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, upends many of the preconceptions we hold about creative thinkers and innovators. From American revolutionaries to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Martin Luther King, Jr., Grant came to some interesting conclusions about what exactly makes an “original.” Continue reading

WE Interviews – Sharon French


french-sharon_1-5x2-hi-res-002Sharon French
Executive Vice President,
Head of Beta Solutions

As Executive Vice President, Head of Beta Solutions for OppenheimerFunds, Sharon French is charged with building an ETF business that brings beta as an investment vehicle into the organization. The group is a new one within Oppenheimer, starting in 2015 with the acquisition of RevenueShares, and French is enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead. “We’re starting with smart beta, which will evolve over time to include other approaches. That’s an important part of why it’s called Beta Solutions and not the ETF Business or the Smart Beta Business, because we truly are evolving so quickly as an industry, and it’s important to have a broad scope to best serve our clients.”

Currently in the 30th year of her financial services career, French began in global banking and then moved into brokerage and asset management. Her experience in the latter industry spans the retail and institutional marketplace, including both fundamental active as well as passive investing. The last seven years have been on the ETF side, says French, which is where she developed her expertise as a leader within the ETF ecosystem. Continue reading