Wage Transparency the Key to Parity?

Pay Equity kinlinIn my previous post on “The Brexit Surprise,” I highlighted the potential situations for women that could arise when Britain leaves the European Union. One of the benefits for women in the European Union is the protection of equal pay, and not simply for the exact same job—for jobs that have comparable value. The United States may begin following suit. In a new law signed by Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts employers will now be required to pay individuals the same amount for work of equal value. In addition, employers will not be permitted to ask a candidate what their salary was at their former employer and must disclose a salary range for the job at the outset—paving the way for wage transparency, and therefore, equality. Continue reading

WE Interviews – Sheila Ronning

 Sheila Ronning

Sheila Ronning
Founder & CEO
Women in the Boardroom

As founder and CEO of Women in the Boardroom, Sheila Ronning is not just the visionary behind the organization; she’s also the strategist, head of HR, and the last one to turn out the lights each night. Ronning views herself as an entrepreneur, but she also remains deeply involved in the day-to-day business of running the organization, overseeing all aspects of the company and managing all of the staff.

Given the increased attention to the importance of women serving on corporate boards, Continue reading

C-Suite Insights – Joe Keefe: Negative mentoring can often be more valuable

Joe KeefeMentoring has received a lot of attention in the corporate sector of late, and most have a pretty clear idea of what it entails – lending a hand, offering advice and encouragement, and helping others to learn from your mistakes.

But for Joe Keefe, president and CEO of Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Pax World Management and Pax Ellevate Management, nurturing isn’t nearly as effective as casting a critical eye. Continue reading

The Brexit Surprise

Kinlin Brexit postLast week, British voters surprised the world with their decision to leave the European Union. What started as a conciliatory election promise by Prime Minister David Cameron quickly grew into a close and divisive campaign. Deepening the shock of the leave win, Cameron announced his resignation the morning after the referendum. To his successor he leaves the burden of invoking Article 50 which will begin the two-year process of Britain’s extrication from the EU. Continue reading

The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule Causing Anxiety

Kinlin DoL postIn April 2016, the Department of Labor (DoL) released its much-anticipated regulation regarding the Conflict of Interest Rule for retirement investment accounts. Under the new rule, advisors will be held to a fiduciary standard—acting solely in the client’s best interest. This change will affect advisors’ compensation, and has caused controversy in the industry since the DoL put forth the proposal last year. Advisors claim the implications of the rule will have a negative impact on small firms and individual advisors while benefiting large companies. The DoL and proponents of the rule claim that this will protect investors from unscrupulous advice. Continue reading