C-Suite Insights – Kai Sotorp

Kai Sotorp
Manulife Asset Management

For the past three decades, I have been interviewing senior-level executives within the asset and wealth management industry. I recently launched a new interview series, ‘C-Suite Insights,’ conversations that not only highlight the careers of some of the industry’s top CEOs and senior executives but also feature their insights and advice.

One of the first executives that I sat down with was Kai Sotorp, CEO of Manulife Asset Management and Global Head of Wealth and Asset Management at Manulife. As CEO and President, Sotorp serves as Manulife’s internal asset manager, and as global head of wealth and asset management, he oversees the company’s business with its affiliates. With a portfolio of nearly $340 billion in private and public assets under management, Sotorp is a busy man. Continue reading

Future Leaders: Millennial Women

Depending on how you look at the millennial generation, they are either innovative and optimistic or entitled youth with outsized expectations. As with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Millennials may have been more cosseted than past generations and they were not prepared for massive college debt, the recession, and subsequent jobs crisis. Yet this generation also prioritizes meaning and value over paychecks and advancement and has excellent possibility as future leaders. Continue reading

Top talent sought, regardless of gender

For Bain & Company’s worldwide chief talent officer Russ Hagey, recruiting, attracting and retaining women is critically important. In a recent interview with Rozelle Laha of LiveMint, Hagey shared his thoughts on securing top talent, regardless of gender:

“In our services business, the compensation levels are same for similar designations, irrespective of their gender. Evaluation, compensation and job definition remain same.

Globally, companies need to both recruit and attract and retain women in business. Leadership teams must be highly attuned to the women population and constantly look for signals on discrimination. Focus on moments of truth, if you aren’t careful enough you might have problems creep in.

One must put lot of efforts towards identifying areas of unconscious bias and try to make sure that they don’t let slip into language choice in day-to-day practices. Think of areas where there might be unconscious bias. This is one of the areas we take seriously at Bain & Company.”

To read Hagey’s full interview with LiveMint, click here.

Year in Review

2016 – The Year in Review

2016 was one for the record books. The British voted to leave the European Union; we saw our first female presidential candidate; and Donald Trump, the recently inaugurated 45th President of the United States, pulled off a victory that many did not anticipate. Yet amidst these transitions, one thing is certain: there’s a shake-up coming in the status quo. Continue reading

C-Suite Insights – Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds, President and CEO of Putnam Investments in Boston, MA on July 31, 2014.

Robert Reynolds
President and CEO
Putnam Investments

Putnam executive Bob Reynolds may well redefine the term multi-tasker. As president and CEO of Putnam Investments, Reynolds oversees a staff of 1,800 Boston-based employees with assets under management of over $150 billion.  Additionally, he serves as president and CEO of Denver, Colorado-based Great-West Financial – one of the nation’s top providers of retirement savings products and services, life insurance, annuities, and executive benefits products – with over 5,000 employees and $400+ billion in assets under administration – and occupies the same roles at Great-West Lifeco U.S. Continue reading